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Established in 2015, Riba Handicraft is a name to recon in the home furnishing industry. Within a very short span of time it has positioned itself as a global organization with a distinctive identity. The company is a family based company located in Panipat Northern India – a region with a rich textile tradition.

Riba Handicraft is a government certified export house, our aims to be a paradigm of perfection. It upholds the world class standards in all of its processes. It is the zealous business methodology, deliberate desire to succeed and team spirit that have made us marching ahead to a glorious future. The group leaves no stone unturned in achieving the best levels of its operations. We understand that excellence in customer service and unwavering quality standards ensure growth and success .The key to these goals is working with our clients and suppliers by delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT TIME, at the RIGHT PRICES, which explains our products being displayed at stores across three continents. Hence, we are destined to go further in our journey setting a newer target every time.

Riba Handicraft has been in the forefront of the industry complying with the customers’ requirements following government laws and regulations. Today we are seen as a hi-tech, customer friendly, innovative, design and quality oriented, eco-responsive corporate team that is shaping a better tomorrow for everyone.


Riba Handicraft was primarily established as an exporter of 100% cotton products. But keeping with growing market demands we have diversified our material range to include a whole variety as given below.







We are quite capable in terms of dyeing, processing and printing and we can undertake all kinds of works. We work with all kinds of natural fibers like Cotton, Linen, Flaxand Blends with Bamboo Fiber Silk, Wool, and Pashmina along with blends of synthetic fibers like Rayon & Acrylic. We offer tailor made solutions to all our buyers for securing 100% customer satisfaction.



Quality plays the key role in the business expansion of any organization. It is the core of business for what gets acceptance and credibility amongst the clients. At Riba Handicraft we take all possible measures to achieve the best quality from both aesthetic point of view and service ability of the products. We have the required resources and infrastructure to produce the best quality products with full control over production. Our highly skilled workforce plans and executes the orders to perfection.

We have our own team keeping close watch on the quality of our products at different stages of production and finishing. Our team at Riba Handicraft strictly follows the Time and action calendars (T&C) in production for on time in full system deliveries.

We also assure our customers low pricing due to efficient and effective production process, low WIP &low factory overheads. We are able to quote lowest pricing for our products.


The basic principles that constitute to the core of business of Riba Handicraft is to provide value and service to our customers by offering quality merchandise, corporate dedication to the partnership and commitment to business ethics. We lead with a vision which is dynamically matched with these three basic principles.

We are confident that if given a chance to serve your esteemed organization, we shall prove to be the best among your existing supplier base.


Executive Director:  Chand Ram Sharma

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